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Membership Categories

Categories. There shall be five categories of members, which shall be designated collectively as Members. These categories are Full, Young Investigator, Sustaining, Emeritus and Honorary.

Full Members shall be investigators who are actively engaged in eye or vision research or other fields related to eye or visual system tissues and are 7 years or more past their terminal degree.

Early Career Researchers shall be any pre-doctoral (Masters/PhD/MD/OD/BOptom/MOptomDVM/DO)/equivalent students, or postdoctoral, clinical residents, or clinical fellows engaged in vision/eye research for no longer than 8 years since their terminal degree.

Sustaining Members shall be persons, organizations, societies, corporations or agencies who provide financial support of the society.

Emeritus Members shall be Full Members who have 10 years cumulative ISER membership, who have reached the age of 65, whose academic appointment is no more than 50%, and who have requested a change to Emeritus Membership in writing.

Honorary Members shall be persons who have made exceptional scientific contributions to eye or vision research or other fields related to eye or visual system tissues. The Membership Committee will solicit nominations one year prior to the ISER meeting. The Committee will review the nominations and submit recommendations to the Council for action.

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International Society of Eye Research (ISER) Benefits of Membership

  • Substantially reduced registration fees for ISER's Biennial Meetings and off-year meetings and symposia, held in various locations around the world
  • Affordable dues that allow you to choose the option that best meets your needs
    • Option 1: Dues including a journal subscription
    • Option 2: Dues without a journal subscription
  • Reduced subscription rate for ISER's journal - Experimental Eye Research - Over $200 in savings to ISER Members (for most member categories)
    • The journal's impact factor is 3.332 for 2016. The cumulative 5-year impact factor is 3.235.
    • Choice between online or print subscription formats
  • Free color in the print version of Experimental Eye Research for members (just one per research team needed)
  • Free online color reproduction for all submissions, with no page charges
  • Publishing opportunities
  • Research Prizes - 4 different major prizes are awarded every two years at ISER's Biennial Meetings
  • Small, intimate meetings that allow opportunities for:
    • One-on-one exchanges with international colleagues
    • Poster sessions that draw people with flexibility of formatting and schedule
    • Oral presentation of research in symposia
    • Interesting meeting sites all over the world
  • Website for Organizational Updates -
  • Leadership growth potential and committee volunteer opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Receive information of many grant opportunities
  • Participate in the online member discussion forum, Eye2Eye
  • Post career opportunities on the website at no charge

Additional benefits for Early Career Researcher Members:

  • Thousands of dollars granted to Early Career Researchers each year in Travel Fellowship Awards to attend biennial meetings and off-year meetings and symposia
  • Small, intimate biennial meetings with more opportunities for Early Career Researchers to:
    • Meet and interact with senior scientists
    • Participate in poster competitions
    • 'Stand out' by presenting orally in a forum developed for Early Career Researchers

ISER Eye2Eye Listserv

ISER's Eye2Eye Discussion Forum is an open forum where ISER members can ask a question, request feedback, and discover new resources! Find out how others are resolving challenging issues, contribute to your colleagues' body of knowledge, and expand your own knowledge through shared experiences and ideas.

Some examples of listserv uses may be:

  • Request feedback on refining a research hypothesis
  • Troubleshooting experiments/techniques
  • Sharing research resources (animal models, constructs, and antibodies, etc.)
  • Acquiring opinions from eye researchers outside your expertise on hypotheses/approaches/methodologies
  • Announcing career opportunities and meetings of possible interest
  • Funding and grant opportunities that are relevant to the vision community
  • Identify future collaborators

All members must adhere to ISER's Eye2Eye Listserv Guidelines. You may view the guidelines here.

The International Society For Eye Research By-Laws (Revised June 2022) are available as an Adobe® PDF document.

ISER membership dues payments are non-refundable.